Anomalous Scaling - Tracks IA

Time dependent couplings and crossover length scales
in non-equilibrium surface roughening

M. Pradas, J.M. Lopez and A. Hernandez-Machado

We show that time dependent couplings may lead to nontrivial scaling properties of the surface fluctuations of the asymptotic regime in non-equilibrium kinetic roughening models. Three typical situations are studied. In the case of a crossover between two different rough regimes, the time-dependent coupling may result in anomalous scaling for scales above the crossover length. In a different setting, for a crossover from a rough to either a flat or damping regime, the time dependent crossover length may conspire to produce a rough surface, despite the most relevant term tends to flatten the surface. In addition, our analysis sheds light into an existing debate in the problem of spontaneous imbibition, where time dependent couplings naturally arise in theoretical
models and experiments.

[Phys. Rev. E (submitted)]