Dynamics of gravity driven three dimensional thin films on hydrophilic-hydrophobic patterned substrates;

Year: 2010
  • Ledesma-Aguilar, Rodrigo
  • Hernandez-Machado, Aurora
  • Pagonabarrag, Ignacio
Journal: Langmuir Volume: 26
Pages: 3292-33001
ISSN: 0743-7463
We investigate numerically the dynamics of unstable gravity driven three-dimensional thin liquid films on hydrophilic-hydrophobic patterned substrates of longitudinal stripes and checkerboard arrangements. The thin film can be guided preferentially on hydrophilic longitudinal stripes, while fingers develop on adjacent hydrophobic stripes if their width is large enough. On checkerboard patterns, the film fingering occurs on hydrophobic domains, while lateral spreading is favoured on hydrophilic domains, providing a mechanism to tune the growth rate of the film. By means of kinematical arguments, we quantitatively predict the growth rate of the contact line on checkerboard arrangements, providing a first step towards potential techniques that control thin film growth in experimental setups.
Full text: 1001.3527v1.pdf
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